A Complete Guide to Our Colonial Series

A Complete Guide to Our Colonial Series

Is your shed looking a little worse for wear these days? It might be time for an upgrade, and you need not look any further than Riehl Quality Storage Barns! A great choice on a new storage building would be one from our Colonial series.
colonial storage shed

Our Colonial buildings come in two main styles: A-frame and Dutch. The Colonial A-frame of course takes its name from the ‘A’ shape of the roof.
colonial A-frame storage shed

The Dutch Colonial sheds have a unique, more rounded roof, which allows for maximum storage space and head room. Other Colonial styles include cottage and hip roof. All of these buildings can be customized and built to fit your specific needs, whether it’s for storage or a workshop or anything other creative use you can think of. There are many different sizes to choose from, as well as a variety of color combinations. Another important decision to make about your storage building is whether you want the exterior to be made with traditional, durable wood or maintenance-free vinyl.

A quality, custom-designed Colonial storage shed can be yours! Give us a call at 717-442-8655 or email us at sales@riehlquality.com for a free quote, and we will help you with the next steps of designing your new storage building.

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