Take a Look Inside One of Our Storage Buildings

Take a Look Inside One of Our Storage Buildings

We don’t have the word “quality” in our name for no reason. Each of our buildings are built with the best materials to ensure that you have the best shed, garage, or other building that meets your needs and holds up against the test of time.

“We have the highest standard when it comes to an attractive high quality finished product,” says the owner of Riehl Quality. “We use only high quality products which in turn results in a complete quality sound building.”

This diagram gives you a peek into our building structure, as well as what materials each part of our buildings is made of. The type of wood used for the framing of each building is either yellow pine or spruce. We always use premium wood products, no OSB. Runners supporting the building are pressure treated to resist rotting from moisture. Wood or vinyl siding gives the building is rich color.

Something else that makes us a quality choice for your storage needs is the fact that you can customize your building according to your preferences and needs. Would you like a dormer on your garage? No problem. Avocado green for your siding? Absolutely. There are 12 vinyl siding colors and 18 paint colors, as well as an assortment of different shingles colors and types. You can choose from many styles of dormers, latches & hinges, vents, ramps, and flower boxes. We offer standard or deluxe lighting, optional additions like flip down grills, diamond door plates, lofts, and work benches.

Windows come in all shapes and sizes, and there are three types of shutters to go with them. Fiberglass, Victorian, wooden, and insulated doors are all options, as well as different styles of garage doors. We also stock cupolas and weathervanes to adorn your buildings. See all customizable options.

Whether you are looking for a new garden shed, a home for Fido, a gazebo for the backyard, or a garage to protect your vehicles, you can rest assured knowing that any of the buildings you choose from us are going to be of the highest quality. We look forward to working with you!

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