Get Your Own Storage Building with Our Rent-to-Own Program!

Get Your Own Storage Building with Our Rent-to-Own Program!

Storage buildings can be useful to your home in so many ways: as a place to store your tools, a garden shed, even an outdoor office. For some, however, the cost of purchasing a storage shed on their own can seem overwhelming or even impossible. Fortunately, we at Riehl Quality Storage Barns are partnered with RTO National in order to give customers the opportunity to pay for their storage buildings through our rent-to-own program.

Rent-to-own is a nice alternative to using off-site storage, by making it affordable to rent and eventually own a storage building of your choice. Rental options include 24, 36, 48, or 60 month plans (2-5 years). The maximum rent-to-own amount for a 12x40 building or smaller is $8,000, and for a building 14x40 or smaller is $15,000. You will need the first and last month’s payment as a down payment, as well as a one-time $15.00 processing fee. The last month’s payment will be applied right away so you don’t have to pay interest on it. Feel free to make an extra down payment to reduce your rental payment each month. There are no penalties for paying off early. There is a minimum due at signing of 20 percent for wide load storage buildings (up to 14x40).

To enroll for the Rent-to-Own program, you will need to provide three references, or provide proof of income (a pay stub less than three weeks old, proof of a recent social security deposit, etc.) and two references. For a 14x40 wide load building, you will also need proof of home ownership, like a tax or mortgage statement.

We also offer the option to pay off the building in the first 90 days “same as cash,” so if you don’t want to pay any interest, this is the option for you. You will choose a rental agreement and make payments as usual, but will have the option to pay off in 90 days. All payments must be made on time in order for this option to be available to you. For more details, please give us a call at 717-442-8655.

View our shed options to decide which is right for you, or come in to our store in Kinzers, PA and see the buildings for yourself. Then talk to us to get started on the Rent-to-Own program!

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