How to Get Your Dream Garage

How to Get Your Dream Garage

You know you’ve dreamt about it: the perfect garage. One with lots of space for your stuff and vehicles. One that’s custom designed for what you’re going to use it for, not the one that you were stuck with when you moved in. Or maybe you’ve just finished building a new house and want to add that finishing touch to your property. A Riehl Quality garage is the answer!

All of our garages are custom built right at your home or location. We come to you! You tell us what you are looking for in a garage and we will come up with a design that matches your home and landscape while also providing you with the extra space you need. Designs can be as simple or as complicated as you wish them to be, whether you want a single car garage or a multi-vehicle two story building with loft space. You can also choose a no floor building (on a concrete slab), or with a wood floor. Check out some of the styles and optional features we offer on our website.

These are the steps we usually take when building a custom garage:

  1. Initial meeting. You know best what you will be using your garage for, so we want to make sure that your garage is designed specifically for your needs. Do you need an attic? What kind of roof would you like? Are you adding optional features like dormers, cupolas, extra windows, etc.? All of this will be discussed in the first meeting.
  2. Estimate. We will propose an estimate and send it to you.
  3. Confirm. Make sure the building design and options are to your liking, and sign the contract.
  4. Permits. Get drawings together, if needed, for permits and township.
  5. Planning and preparation. Plans need to be approved by the township. All details are confirmed by you. We place orders for materials needed for the job, and we get you into the schedule (which typically takes four weeks).
  6. Onsite setup. We start building! Depending on the complexity of the building, we could be onsite for 1-2 days for standard designs, or 1-2 weeks for larger custom designs.
  7. Enjoy your finished garage!

Contact us today by phone (717-442-8655) or email ( for your free estimate and you’ll be one step closer to getting the garage you’ve always wanted!

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