Let Us Customize Your Pool House!

Let Us Customize Your Pool House!

The pool house. The last addition that will turn your pool into the best summer hangout spot around! You devote a lot of hard work into getting your pool looking its best each year, so why not make it look even more inviting with a pool house?

Our pool houses are customizable to fit your needs, whether that’s simply a space to store pool supplies, or a building that will serve as the center of your outdoor entertaining. Create a picnic area underneath an overhang, like this hip roof pool house that has a porch added on.
hip roof pool house

This 10x20 building shows the kinds of customizations you can add to your pool house. There are double doors, 18x27 shuttered windows, an 8-foot porch with forester railing, a door with round glass, and a cupola. We can also install electrical packages to your building.

Bar style counters are also a great place to serve food or provide extra guest seating. Roll-up garage doors are available to save space and prevent from affecting possible lighting inside on evening gatherings. A larger overhang can also be added to protect a TV or entertainment center from the weather. For when you throw your wonderful pool parties, we can add changing rooms or partitions in the pool house for guests to change.
yellow Victorian a-frame pool house

We recently built this pool house for a customer. It’s a 10x18 Victorian a-frame with a peak dormer overhang. Just imagine how it will look in the summer time!

Whether you plan on serving lavish pool parties for guests, or just want to spend time with family outside, the journey to designing your own exquisite pool house is only a phone call away. Give us a call at 717-442-8655 or email sales@riehlquality.com to get your free quote, and start the process of designing and building your dream pool house.

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