Raising Chickens? We Have Chicken Coops!

Raising Chickens? We Have Chicken Coops!

Spring has sprung! Mother Nature has finally decided to grace us with some warm weather, and that means getting some projects done around the house. Does one of your projects include buying chickens to raise in your backyard? If so, we have a wide variety of chicken coops to meet your needs.

Now is the time of year when most pet and farm stores start selling chicks. Give your peeps a quality home with one of our chicken coops. Each of our coops are equipped with nesting boxes, roosts, pressure treated plywood floors, and tech shield roofing sheathing that keeps the coop cooler in warm weather. Other popular options include glassboard floor, electrical package, litter tray, four wheels with steering handle, wire over window, and automatic door. We have Quaker, tractor, Dutch, A-frame, and more styles to choose from, and as always, you can customize your chicken coop to fit your needs. We wish you the best of luck with raising your chickens! You can also check out this article we found with some interesting information on how hens lay eggs. Enjoy!

We also have horse barn options available. All of our horse barns include rough door opening, vents, and a 4-foot high plywood kickboard on all inside walls. Extra features include roll doors with fold down grills, partitions, tack and feed rooms, extras stalls, and more.

We can’t forget about man’s best friend. We have two dog kennel options, as well as a standard dog house. The 6x10 and 10x10 Colonial dog kennels have windows with trim and shutters, a porch surrounded by a chain link fence and gate, and a dog flap door.

As always, each of our structures are custom-built with quality materials to ensure that your animals are sheltered from the elements in comfort and style. Take a look at our building options and call us at 717-442-8655 for a free quote!

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