Store in Style with a Dutch Style Storage Barn

Store in Style with a Dutch Style Storage Barn

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! That also means it’s time to find a safe place for your mower, gardening supplies, and other outdoor equipment to rest for the winter. Protecting that equipment from the elements is important, especially when the weather outside is frightful, and our Dutch style storage barns will get it done. They have a country and idyllic look, and will make your backyard feel warm and cozy.

The unique roof of the Dutch architecture makes it a standout from all the rest, and provides maximum storage space and more head room. No more stooping when you’re looking for your shovel!
12x20 Dutch Barn

When it comes to garages, sometimes the smaller and simpler the better. If all you need is a place to store one vehicle, the Dutch style barns work perfectly for a single-car garage. Like this 12x24 barn that sports a 9x7 garage door and ramp.
12x24 Dutch Barn Garage

It can effectively protect your car without taking up too much space. See all of our Dutch barn garage styles here.

The Dutch barn is available in many sizes and colors, and you can choose between wood and vinyl exterior. Colonial and Ponderosa styles are also available, and as always, all of the buildings are customizable to your needs.

Call 717-442-8655 or email to get a free quote and start building your Dutch storage barn!

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